Client for Google Translate - translates to 100%

For those who have been looking for a free translator from any language into English and in the opposite direction, the search is over. Not so long to download a translator from English to any language in the computer has been appreciated by the users across the world. Google Inc. offers a free translator for the computer, smart phone and other handheld devices.

Desktop Client for Google Translate will not only arrange a free translation from English to any language, and do it with more than 60 languages. And that's not all the functions of the compiler, which is installed on your computer for free and works without breaks and weekends.

Translator from English into another language

On this page you can download a free translator on your computer. This is a stationary free translator with virtually any language into English for the computer, which allows you to conveniently transfer both large and small texts. Translated text can be heard, may also be useful:

• alternative and divergent translations,
• Instant translation of selected text,
• rapid determination of the working languages,
• translation of the text "on the fly",
• transliteration quality.

All this, of course, makes the translation process more comfortable compared to when using a free online translator Yandex, PROMT, Trident or the other. The program will be useful as an inexperienced user in everyday life as well as a professional in his hard work.

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Where free Google Translate for Android download

In this article we are talking about how Google translator free download for Windows. When demand translation into Russian for Android, will approach another program. Need to download the free Google Translate for Android - Android and on-device will be fixed free translator from English into their native language, and vice versa, with the native English. Download a translator from English into another language ringtones in the appropriate section of the web site you can by clicking on the link in the column on the right after selecting the operating system and language.

Download Google translator for Windows

Latest version: 
User language: 
Operating system: 
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
File size: 
1,6 Mb
Official page: 
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