Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool - anti-virus utility

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, based on usage, not just anti-virus in the traditional sense of the word, as a one-time scanner to diagnose and treat your computer. Typically, this is a PC that is infected with various viruses, spyware, and other aggressive software that can harm your computer with OS Windows.

The paper Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool optimally connects the most advanced algorithms to detect different programs that can harm your PC. If you urgently need to download the free version of free antivirus necessarily need to download a free antivirus without registration Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

Do I need Kaspersky VRT?

Kaspersky VRT opportunities, or whether free antivirus free download Kaspersky:

• Install on "already has' computer;
• scan and follow-up treatment systems;
• virus scan and heuristic analysis;
• collect a variety of information about the features of the treatment;
• the creation of algorithms and scripts for further treatment;
• work in manual or auto mode.

To download a free Kaspersky Screenshot of the page fragment Kaspersky website

Not protects real-time

Also worth knowing is that Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool as anti-virus software does not protect the computer every day and the time (in real time), so to say, always. For this, there are other free antivirus Kaspersky. Moreover, this free program is not staffed module automatically updates new virus databases. So for the next test for the presence of computer viruses or cure will have to download free Kaspersky Anti-Virus up to date at a specific time bases.

Where to get Antivirus Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android

It offers anti-virus for Windows. There is also a link to free download free antivirus Kaspersky, created specifically for the Android operating system, a part of the site, which contains software for Android.

Download free Kaspersky antivirus for Windows

Latest version: 
KVRT 15.0.22
User language: 
Operating system: 
Windows 7, 8.1, 10
File size: 
168,0 Mb
Official page: 
Average: 4 (132 votes)


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