Convenient text editor Notepad ++

Notepad++ - is a free text editor, free download that you want to use as the program to record. But above all, this program will simplify the task of programmers to edit codes. Also, it's just a good text editor and it is free to anyone who often works with texts.

In this application it is possible to recruit and retain the lyrics in the original and translated text. Due to the fact that you can download for free text editors, the user gets all the free texts, including the lyrics.

What is a text editor Notepad ++

The specificity of this software is that it supports almost all programming languages, has syntax highlighting and comes with many language packs. It includes work with several documents at the same time, has a lot of plug-ins, all of which are difficult to editor Notepad++ free download and install without problems.

This free program has a simple interface that makes it easy to deal with the settings. Ease of use is that immediately after installation and the editor is ready for use, it does not require keys, activators, and other additions.

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Where to download free text editor for Android

It told about the advanced text editor for your PC. Fast Notepad for Android - a free software program that need not all. But the point here is quite different: just on Android is not accepted to type texts, and even save the lyrics in the original and translated text must not for everyone. The text editor for Android can be downloaded on the appropriate page of this site, finding the menu "OS AND LANGUAGE" version of Android's native language.

Free text editor for Windows

Latest version: 
NP ++ 7.8.6
User language: 
Operating system: 
Windows 7, 8, 10
File size: 
3,6 Mb, 3,9 Mb
Official page: 
Notepad++. Additional source: Download Notepad++.
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