ICQ finds all who need to communicate

ICQ - an old freeware program for online communication on the Internet. This combination of letters came from the phrase "I seek you". Many added, "And I find" that is quite true. The program is looking for people with the same interests, helps to find new friends, communicate with co-workers, family members and friends.

Every person who communicates on the Internet, sooner or later you wonder: where is the free ICQ to your computer, and how to download?

Why this program?

Free ICQ on your computer is much easier communication interlocutors. This program allows you to maintain familiarity and communicate with friends and loved ones at any point of access where there is Internet access. Now, this software allows you to not only send and receive text messages. If you have a buddy camcorder, then you can use it for video chat.

The following modes of communication:

• chat mode (short text),
• voice communication,
• video,
• videoconference,
• transfer files,
• and you can also play online games.

Opportunities mass, and with any number of users. One can choose to become invisible condition to be online or offline, and in the "out". You can "hide", to be completely anonymous, automatically ignore certain users. Not surprisingly, free download ICQ on the computer or on the phone for free craves every Internet user.

ICQ online

You can download it for free, especially not straining. And for the most lazy there are even ICQ online. The following link is the official version of the online "I seek you" will open in a new window. need to enter your data - and you can communicate. This version runs directly from the official site, so everything is safe.

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At the present time, mankind can not do that without either a PC or a laptop, but without a mobile phone. Developers had to make a mobile version, and there was free ICQ Phone free. But that's another story - here. And here you can download ICQ on your computer for free. If a PC with Windows and a thirst for communication, the free ICQ is available free for download here.

Where to download free ICQ for Android

This article is devoted to the version for Windows. But as always in the relevant section download program for android. Mobile ICQ is the official client for smartphones running Android.

ICQ download to your computer for free, version for Windows

Latest version: 
ICQ 10.0
User language: 
Operating system: 
Windows 7, 8, 10
File size: 
59,5 Mb
Official page: 
ICQ, Additional source on: ICQ.
Average: 5 (10 votes)

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