Dr.Web CureIt! - is a one-time effective protection

If necessary, free antivirus download for free, you should pay attention to the following fact. One of the best companies in the antivirus software is DrWeb. Among its products is to provide free anti-virus Dr. Web Curelt! It is capable of efficiently in a short time, without having to install to detect and remove infected files, malware or remove annoying banner.

For personal use is legal can download Dr. Web CureIt! free. The new version of the program is laid out each day and has the latest anti-virus database. The program is started in Safe Mode from the disk that you want to burn it to another PC.

Opportunities antivirus

Free curing utility allows you to save the system almost in desperate situations. The program is based on a large nucleus Dr Webb. The utility can handle e-mail worms, all kinds of viruses, such as stealth, macro, polymorphic, disembodied and other file. It shall not be saved, and a variety of malware, such as dialers, password stealers, spyware, and other hacking tools. In fact, any malicious code that is entered into the system will be detected and cured.

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One-time remedy

The program is not able to be updated, so it can not be a permanent means of protecting your computer. In the case of new infection, it is necessary once again free Dr. Web download free of charge from topical bases, but in the most critical situations indispensable tool. Among system administrators, developers, and even hackers this antivirus is very popular, thanks to its efficiency and the possibility to download a free version of anti-virus free with the freshest to date virus database.

Where to download free Dr. Web for Android

Please note that this material offers a free download CureIt! Dr. Web for Windows. There is also a free download Dr. Web for Android, namely: download free Dr. Web Light for Android devices.

Dr. Web CureIt! free

Latest version: 
CureIt 11
User language: 
Operating system: 
Windows 7, 8.1, 10
File size: 
210 Mb
Official page: 
Average: 5 (10 votes)


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