CCleaner for Windows will tidy up your computer

A free program CCleaner does the computer running Windows more stable, fast and safe. Useful program CCleaner free download to your computer require those users who are interested in the optimization of the operating system, cleaning the registry, removing unwanted, unnecessary and temporary files, different software collection, cache, download history, cookies and log files.

Features CCleaner for Windows

Once installed on the computer TsiKliner immediately scan your system, find and remove obsolete, unnecessary and corrupted files as well as the remains of files that have arisen as a result of the work used in computer applications. Tight integration with popular browsers such as: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer Opera, etc., - provides stable operation and no problems with the Internet. Working with the registry Windows involves monitoring, testing the relevance and correctness of records and disposal of broken, empty and corrupt registry entries Windows. Today, everyone has the opportunity to download CCleaner for Windows, and the program immediately after the quick and easy installation, will show its advantages, because it really is:

• it supports multiple languages,
• it contains no advertising,
• it may operate in the background,
• a convenient context menu,
• exceptions can be configured,
• frees memory,
• clean the system of garbage,
• find unnecessary duplicate files,
• remove obsolete and non-working icon shortcuts,
• free up disk space,
• It speeds up your computer,
• configure startup applications,
• private cleans the browser history, cookies,
• properly uninstall software,
• it supports third-party plug-ins and scripts,
• make a backup copy of the registry.

Applied frequently used applications are allowed to work with the latest SiKlineru Documents, Temporary files and lists used files.

The convenience of working with the latest version

Launched two billion downloads, positive comments and feedback not only normal and confident computer users, but also serious business and IT-editions, guarantee the seriousness of this software. TsKliner has a simple and intuitive user interface is unsophisticated, simple principles of operation and improved, so that to understand how to work with the cleaners, everyone can. Worth a try for free download CCleaner for Windows 7, 8, 10, without registration and SMS, to understand without any problems setting up your computer as well as take advantage of opportunities to optimize, clean and speed up your computer.

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Versions of the software development company Piriform, such as Defraggler, Recuva, Speccy and C Cleaner regularly updated and supplemented by actual improvements. In order to get to know better the utility, we recommend the latest version of CCleaner free download without registration and SMS to a computer running Windows 10, 8, 7 online without registration and SMS. The program effectively works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, and the Mac OS for Macintosh and OS Android for phones, smartphones and tablets.

Where C Cleaner free download for Android

In this article on how to download free CCleaner for Windows. Android version Si Kliner free download in the section, which is selected in the "SELECT OS AND LANGUAGE" in the right column of the site.

Download CCleaner for Windows free

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Windows 7, 8, 10
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24,7 Mb
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