Winamp - a legendary player, android version

Winamp for Android is one of the most popular media players. Just download the free player for Android, to manage the audio files to your smartphone or sync to computer equipment by communicating through the USB-in or by using Wi-Fi. Awesome design and excellent functionality - and thus there is a legal opportunity Winamp player download for free!

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It is certainly one of the most popular and sought-after player for mobile devices and PCs, and in this case there is still a legal free download Winamp for Android, and for a computer Windows. Consider what so good this free software for Android.

Advantages of Winamp, Android-based devices

Menu program the most convenient and simple. Use the widget on the screen you can instantly change the play mode and switch the audio files in the playlist. You can also browse for audio collection. Support for mass file formats: MP3, MIDI, OGG, WAV, AAC, MPEG, AVI and other high-quality built-in equalizer, normalization of the sound and other technological tricks make it possible to truly enjoy music on the road, at home and at work. If the local file will be enough, Winamp for Android has immediate access to online radio stations (streaming MP3 and AAC). To join the classics, be sure to download the free player for Android with the legendary name of Winamp.

Where to download Winamp for free for a computer with Windows

What if I need to download the free player to a computer with Windows? Naturally, Winamp Player for free. Two ways about it. On this page you can download Winamp for free without registration for OS Android. Windows version of the player is in the relevant section of this site, where you can get by using the menu in the right column, and download the version for Windows.

Android player download for free

Latest version: 
Winamp 1.4.15
User language: 
Operating system: 
Android 2.1 and up
File size: 
7,5 Mb
Official page: 
Average: 5 (7 votes)


player Winamp a legendary!

To Magic under your

Hahaha you must be joking.

Hey there would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using?

Everyone up too.

Endjue Yes!

Да, плеер реально класс. Я уже и не помню, когда первый раз его поставил на компьютер.

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