RealPlayer - android version of the audio-video player

Where can I download the latest version of the player for Android with access to broadcasts over the Internet? The answer is. Here you can download RealPlayer for Android direct link to the Google Play on (Google Play). The first is the player for listening to music and watching media content (images, DVD and MPEG). Second, the Internet is an entertainment media center.

Continue to Download Screenshot of the page fragment Real on Google Play (Google Play).
It's nice that you can download Real Player for Android and get the program with friendly interface, which has a view album and artist name, you can control the playlist.

Multimedia capabilities

This is a player for mobile devices, which has the function of viewing images and other visual content. Download free player Real for Android, is doubly useful, as it will also give the opportunity not only to view images and photos, and do it in a slideshow, even with music. It is possible to change the size of images. View the video is convenient because it broke, you can continue watching from the same point. Also there is an option of the scroll bar to rewind the video in increments of 10 seconds.

The advantages of this program include the fact that all user-accessible and understandable. A popolzovavshis this free program even a week, everyone will be able to say, "I liked it."

Where to download RealPlayer for Windows

On this page shows you how to download free Android RealPlayer. If you need a Real to a computer running Windows, you must go to the appropriate section of the site using the menu on the right-hand column.

Download the free Real Player for Android

Latest version: 
RealPlayer (final)
User language: 
Operating system: 
Android (depends on the version of the device)
File size: 
Depends on the device
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