Notepad for Android - free editor

It is not often, but still there is a need for a free text editor for android free download and dial it in a few sentences. The presence of the recorder sometimes does not help. And then the first thing that comes to mind - it's free to download Notepad.

Despite the fact that the device based on the Android operating system is almost never used as a typewriter, sometimes you have to type in a text editor, a couple of paragraphs of text. And then there is a problem: free download text editors. First and foremost, what?

Notepad for Android

Notepad - an ordinary text editor that combines simplicity and minimalism. It functions as a notebook and not loaded with unnecessary functions, advertising and everything that hinders efficient operation. In the settings you can set the font size as the name, and the entire document as a whole.

Free download Notepad text editor for Android is a convenient program to get notes, in which, however, is not available synchronization with the server. Also, instead of heading on the home page is displayed part of the entered text. But free download Fast Notepad text editor for Android is very simple and accessible, and you can chat on your phone or tablet is convenient to store the text you want for free, including the lyrics, and the English text, and the text in any other language.

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Also there is an advanced Notepad for Windovs

It told about the Notepad for Android - a program that need not all. Also, there is such a interesting program - an advanced text editor Notepad for Windovs. Notepad can be downloaded to the appropriate page of this site, clicking through the menu Select the "OS AND LANGUAGE".

Notepad free download for Android

Latest version: 
NP 3.0.1
User language: 
Operating system: 
Android 4 and up
File size: 
1 Mb
Official page: 
Average: 5 (7 votes)



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