AVG Anti-Virus Free for smartphones and tablets

AVG AntiVirus Free - working free antivirusnik for mobile devices based on Android OS. The program provides the ability to remove confidential information, and manage applications in remote access via messages or web-based interface to manage your device if it is lost or stolen. With the help of Google Maps via AVG Anti-Virus Free can detect his presence.

The new version of the program is more convenient to use and easy to manage, so the mobile device based on Android is more secure, which is achieved easier and more affordable.

AVG Anti-Virus Free. New version

The new version fixes found in previous versions of the error. Entered option block incoming calls and SMS. To protect yourself from spam, scams and unwanted calls and messages, you can use the lock, which not only informs about the messages that cause suspicion, but also blocks them, as well as call filters. Widget provides direct access from the home page to the main functions of the program. In this case, it is possible to assign functions to the existing 9 4 buttons widget.

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If the download AVG antivirus?

If you download the free AVG antivirus on a device with Android OS, you can experience the following advantages: monitoring of files, folders, and applications on the SD card is in on-line mode. In case of loss or theft device (telephone, mobile, tablet), you can determine its location by using the AVG Mobilation and Google Maps. In order to protect sensitive data can be blocked or erased information. Applications that contribute to slowing your smartphone, you can complete. Stop by and browse the global network can be absolutely "sekyurno" and without fear. You can always get information about battery usage and the amount of free memory.

Reliable and efficient protection

AVG for Android provides a reliable and effective protection against any program that might be harmful. The program also scans the application provides process management, blocks applications by assigning a password. It is also a tool that sorts the data on the device, and cleaning those that are suspicious. This contributes to the protection of personal user data, and warns of the dangers of malware. Antivirusnik AVG Anti-Virus Free for Android OS has features such as locating devices and ensuring its security. To do this:

• Remotely enable GPS and transmit its location.
• Then, in the same mode via sms AVGMobilation or lock the device.
• On screen set up a message that promotes finding device.
• Even when the smartphone in the "silent", to include a call incoming call.

AVG Mobile:

• Provides security messages, Internet-bookmarking and personal contacts.
• Protects against viruses, aggressive programs that could cause harm.
• Sorts and blocks contacts / calls, identifying suspicious.
• Detects and corrects settings smartphone / tablet, unprotected from threats.
• Helps protect against phishing and other attacks.
• Checks media files for dubious and threatening the operation of the device software.
• Start can be scheduled on request, or for the period (day / week).


• Safe operation of the web, browse or search pages, downloading programs, monitoring of online stores and other threats without the device.
• Monitoring of sites to scan for dangerous resources that are blocked.

Performance and Savings:

• The program AVG Anti-Virus Free for Android axis monitors and displays information about battery usage, remaining, as well as space is available, the number and volume of transmitted information, that optimizes the operation of the device as a whole.
• You can specify a custom critical battery charge, and it will alert when the index reaches this point. For the purpose of energy saving can be turned off features that are rarely used or are not claimed.
• Information on the use of SD-card allows you to control the placement of files and optimally fill the resource.
• Programs, games and applications can be moved and placed either in memory or on a memory card.
• In the settings you can specify the rate and Network Monitor will monitor traffic 3/4G and notify.

Task Manager regulates the process, completing and removing those that reduce the productivity of the device. All of the data available on the device, you can delete contacts, calendar, messages of the, pictures, even to clear the cache. You can even format the memory card, and then restore the device to factory settings level. It is also possible to manually select the data that is to be removed, such as bookmarks, user accounts, or the history of the browser.

Free Android AVG Anti-Virus Free

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